Started: Oct 29 , 2018

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Who are we?
Bitbuster was the idea of two young engineers who have a passion for the blockchain. After months of coding and brainstorming they finally finished creating the idea they had been working on so hard. Bitbuster was born.
Why invest in
The bitbuster investment platform is a place where investors can deposit into the bankroll of the bitbuster game. By investing they are basically making the bankroll bigger which consequently lets players play with higher amounts of money. That is a very important fact because the more the players can wager, the higher the amount we will get as commission. Our commission is set at 2% but that can be a big number when a lot of people play.
Is it really safe?
We have already set up and started the bitbuster game back in June and have now decided to take it a step further with our investment program. We are growing steadily and like to give it a boost by allowing our players to make bigger bets and in the same time allow our players and other investors to grab a piece of the profit. Everything you invest is in safe hands because we decided to only start allowing people to invest in our project once we made sure there is a profit to be paid. If you don’t believe us, just go and check out the game for yourself. Every day people are playing! Just check our numbers! We are very open about all our statistics from both our investment program and our bitbuster game. Check out our paid out and our stats pages for more information!
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